Marvin Gilmore

President/Co-Founder, Western Front LLC.

Marvin Gilmore is a highly regarded entrepreneur and community leader, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to the Western Front team. With a diverse background in business, Gilmore has been a trailblazer in various industries and has made significant contributions to the economic growth of Massachusetts.

Before his involvement in the cannabis industry, Gilmore established himself as a successful businessman, founding and managing several enterprises across different sectors. He has been recognized for his exceptional leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit, consistently striving to create opportunities for others and promote economic empowerment.

Gilmore's commitment to social justice and community development has been evident throughout his career. He has actively worked towards breaking down barriers and ensuring that under-represented individuals have access to opportunities for success.

Gilmore's efforts have made a lasting impact on the business landscape of Massachusetts, particularly in promoting diversity and inclusion. As President of Western Front, Marvin Gilmore brings his invaluable expertise and passion for community upliftment to the forefront. His vision aligns with the dispensary's mission of fostering socialequity, education, and responsible cannabis consumption. Gilmore's contributions continue to shape the cannabis industry in Massachusetts and create positive change in the lives of individuals and communities.